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At Tree Surgeons Wolverhampton we pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and top-notch customer service. When you call us, you can rest easy knowing your trees are in good hands.

Wolverhampton Tree Surgeons is a fully licensed and insured company. Our service people are fully trained and fully equipped to handle any job. From tree trimming to tree removal or any other related service, we are dedicated to providing prompt, reliable work.

It is important to maintain and manage trees properly to ensure their preservation, and we recognise that you have an important role to play in their conservation as tree owners. This is why we take care to take a close look at your requirements and budget, and we will always be as competitive as possible to make sure your investment in us pays off in the long run.



07170 257745

Professional Tree Surgeons in Wolverhampton…

If trees in or around your property have been damaged or pose a threat to your home or any other structure, we can help you determine the best course of action. We also welcome insurance work. Our skilled arborists offer the tree surgeon services for commercial or residential custom

    Your trees do a lot for the environment. They freshen the air, add calming greenery and they provide cooling shade. To keep your trees in top condition season after season, contact Wolverhampton Tree Surgeons. Our arborists have many years of experience taking care of trees just like yours.

    Remove tree stumps with safety with Tree Surgeons in Wolverhampton

    Our tree experts can safely and effectively remove large threatening trees, stumps, brush, and more. Give us a call for a free estimate. We have the most affordable service, guaranteed

    Tree Pruning – We can prune trees to allow more sunlight into your garden. Pruning your trees annually is also important for their health because it strengthens their stumps and encourages new growth.

    Tree Crown ReshapingMost trees need to be pruned using crown reduction techniques since the results are the best. In contrast, tree topping causes more destruction to trees and isn’t recommended if they must be preserved.

    Tree Removal – Wolverhampton tree surgeons have the experience you need to safely remove your tree. Our Wolverhampton tree surgeons are fully accredited and adhere to the NPTC standard when it comes to tree removal. You need us to ensure your tree is removed securely and without a hassle.

    Stump Grinding – Tree stumps can be left in place after tree felling, but in some cases it can be difficult to decide whether to leave them in place. Not only can these stumps be unsightly and obstruct future landscaping projects, they can also sprout new shoots and spread root diseases.

    Tree Crown Reductions – By removing weight from the ends of branches, a crown reduction influences the growth of lateral branches, which in turn forms a new crown. The process reduces heavy branches, overextended branches, and defects in the branches.

    Tree Thinning – The process of thinning involves removing small branches (usually 1-3 inches in diameter). Take out those parallel to or competing with nearby branches or those crowded into the canopy. Trees that have been thinned appropriately may not appear pruned.

    Hedge Trimming – Almost any type of hedge can be trimmed, shaped or cut by us! Besides trimming feature hedges, we also tend to larger conifers and other shrubs that need attention. The end result will be determined by our team working closely with you and following your instructions. Your garden can be transformed into a marvel with our help.

    Ivy RemovalWhen maintained properly, ivy can be a beautiful addition to your home and garden. A climber that grows on its own can also be destructive. Brickwork, soffits, gutters, drains, as well as other plants and trees, can all be damaged. When left unattended, ivy can damage your roof and tiles or other building materials such as window frames, brickwork, rendering, and rendering.

    Tree Cable Bracing – The most common form of tree bracing is cable bracing, which is used when trees are at risk of structural damage and do not require excessive pruning. To prevent damage to a declining mature tree, this can be used to reduce the potential damage to a healthy tree.

    Tree PlantingOur professional tree planting service in Wolverhampton is affordable at tree surgeon Wolverhampton. In addition to having extensive arboriculture training, our team will work closely with you to choose the right tree for your property. We would be glad to answer any further questions you may have regarding tree planting or other tree-related matters. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our full tree planting service.

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