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Stump removal and tree trimming are our professional services

Providers of tree services

In addition to removals, Tree Surgeon Wolverhampton offer a variety of tree care and maintenance services, from reducing or removing problematic branches.

Failing a tree safely means cutting it down as a whole.

Crown lifting involves pruning the lower branches of a tree. In this case, it might be necessary to remove limbs that obstruct the light or damage the tree.

A crown thinned by cutting away smaller branches. To improve light levels or reduce wind damage, this might be necessary.

Reduce the crown of a tree by cutting back branches. A tree (or part of a tree) might need to be relocated if its space has become too small.



07170 257745

Professional Tree Stump Removal in Wolverhampton…

There can be a lot of problems associated with tree stumps. The very tiniest can only be dug out by hand, and in those cases where this is not possible, the area left behind will be unusable for years to come. When a tree stump decays, it will eventually rot away, but it will be a long and winding process, and if left unattended, it may produce suckers, or cause fungal problems, such as honey fungus, or attract other pests.

How to fix it… 

The tree stump can be ground into wood chips using our professional stump grinding equipment, which can then be removed by us. You can either add them to your compost heap or use them as a mulch.

Does it take a lot of time to remove a tree stump?

When you have removed your stump, you will have to decide what to do with the space left behind. If you are only going to turf over the area then the stump only needs to be taken down just above ground level if you want to remove as much as possible, but this will have an impact on the cost. You may need to lift the turf and backfill it with additional topsoil before laying it again as the stump rots away.

You need to get the stump down to the existing ground level if you wish to plant another tree or replace the old one. The wood chips should then be removed and the hole should be backfilled with good quality screened soil (we can supply if necessary).

What is the cost?

A variety of factors influence the cost of tree stump removal, including the location, accessibility to the site, and the size of the stump.

Please measure the stump’s length and width at ground level, as shown in the diagram. Please also provide the measurement from the ground level to the top of the stump. We will also need to know roughly how deep you would like the stump to go.

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